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Playing catch up

Posted by greengoddess72 , 07 February 2013 · 50 views

I was in the middle of writing a blog a couple of years ago when my partner found it, so I had to take it down. So, now that I've found this place, I feel like I can start it up again.

I am a 40 year old female, currently in a 10 year lesbian relationship. I was raped at 19, just a few weeks short of my 20th birthday. I was a virgin. The rapist was my then boyfriend. I'll be copying some of my old letters and any old stuff I can find. This blog will be anything but chronological. Just random stuff I remember or think of at the moment.

I named the blog 'From Mensa to Mental' because I used to be really smart. I mean really smart! I don't know what happened. Well, I do. It was the rape. But it took a couple of years for it to sink in and really affect me. Though it did creep in almost immediately, but in ways I didn't realize or just didn't want to see until later in life. I have just recently begun to piece everything together. I had a couple of years of therapy about 3 years after the incident for about 3 years in total. With my recent anniversaries, I think I've had some sort of break and I think I might need to go back.

Unfortunately, I don't have the funds right now, so I'll have to find a place with a sliding scale. And someplace close so I don't have to spend a lot of money on gas. I'll let you know.

just wanted to let you know theres something with the blogs here being open to nonmembers. dont have a blog myself so dont know how it works, just thought i mention it

I'm glad that you will be able to write again. I was keeping a journal on my laptop. but since it is the only "computer" in the house i let my bf on it and so i wuld keep changing the password so I knew he couldn't get in it and one day I had forgotten what i changed it too so i would have to start all over again. i am glad I don't have to worry about that here. And glad that you don't have to worry either. happy writings to you...

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