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My daily ramblings. . .Frustrating work ethics. . .

Posted by NurseWithaPast , 04 August 2010 · 131 views

:duh: :gaah: :hissyfit:

Why is it that some people, like myself, have difficulty relaxing after they get off a long day at work. . .wondering if they did everything right, hoping they didn't miss a thing, reflecting back through the shift and making sure everything was done right in their minds, even though they are certain that they did?
Why do certain others just friggen don't do this? Don't finish their job? Don't care if the next shift will be overwhelmed by what you've left undone? :beatsme:

I am so tired of comming to work and finding things left undone!!! SO tired of it!
It seems that if I leave for one day and let the next crew know the important things that need to be addressed THAT DAY, I come back the NEXT NIGHT, and they are still left undone. If it was things unimportant. . .I really wouldn't care, but peoples lives are effected by this laziness (Oh, and stupidity). :angry: :gaah:

I should not have to be overwhelmed so many nights at work because I have to do other peoples work for them. Yes, nursing is a 24 hour job, and I am more than happy to help others out when they have a busy day. I've been there too! but don't pretend you don't know how to do your damn job and give me your workload without even telling me. :rant:

I had all kinds of emergencies today due to things not being done. . .other things not so emergent, but could soon turn that way. One of these days I am just going to loose my cool! I had 2 people fall, and one person nearly fall due to negligence on the assistants end. I also had labs left undone, someone with some medical issues not addressed, orders not carried out, or even dealt with correctly, staff comming to be about other staff because they don't trust that certain others will take care of issues. . .ugh. . .FML!!! I don't even want to go to work tonight. If idiots could fly. . .I'd be heading to an airport.

Just because certain individuals don't have 2 brain cells to rub together . . .why should it be my fault? Why should I be the one sentenced to taking care of all this?
Don't get me wrong. . .I have a lot of WONDERFUL carinng people I work with. People I am even proud to call friends! I just wish I can clone them for replacements of the numbskulls!!!!

Being a nurse . . .thats doable. . .fixing stupid. . .impossible!!!!!! :doh:

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