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Posted by Don21 , 05 May 2013 · 89 views

I am not sure what to put down as I have never done anything like this before, at the moment I am going through quite a difficult patch. I was attacked at the age of 15 ( can't bring my self to type thr R word) it was a very violent attack and then again at 41 I was attacked again alough it was not as violent as the first attack I suffer from PTSD and have nightmares every night I have the most wonderful partner in the world and think it is very unfair on him the way I am we spend all our time together as he works from home he has lots of friends but I don't have any so when he goes out which is only once a month I stay at home alone the last time he went out was in March and after he had gone I heard someone at the back door I called the police but the person had gone so I am dreading him going out this week he has said that he does not have to go if I don't want him to go but I would never say to him please stay I want him to be the one to say that he does not want to leave me and I can't believe what a selfish person I am for not wanting him to go out........

You're not selfish. It sounds like he is just your safety net and with him you feel better. It would be understandable that without him you don't. Is it possible you could find some friends to hang out with during that time, like neighbors? Maybe you and him could get involved in things around the community and you can make friends that way. I do understand that you want him to stay but at the same time you have to allow him his friend time. It sucks but it's true. I have a similar situation. I see my bf the love if my life every weekend. It really helps because one: I'm a very physical person when it comes to any form of affection so distance kills me and two bein going through a lot if shit recently. And I dread when he has to go home to go to school and I count down the days till he comes back. But he needs to finish school just like your husband needs to see his friend. Find a happy distraction of you can or if you can get a pet. They will help you feel safe when he is gone.
Aurora325 very good advice thanks we have 2 pets a cat and a dog and I still hate being left I think it takes me back to my first attack when I was in hospital and I was left and its just the thought of him leaving me brings it all back so yeah I really do think I am very selfish...
You are not you are not you are not. I promise you you are not. And that makes even more sense now. Have you see a T? That could REALLY help with that specific issue.
Imagine being 46 years old and dreading being on your own it is pathetic I know it is and I feel so sorry for my partner being stuck with me.

Aurora325 thanks I hope you are feeling ok today
It is not pathetic I promise you. I am going to school to be a therapist and I have studied many cases that are like yours and worse. You are not alone. You are dealing the best way you know how with the shit life has thrown at you. You will never be pathetic and you need to start telling your self that. Right it on the mirror in your bathroom and read it everyday till you start to believe it if you have to. I am sorry if this Q is to personal feel free not to answer if you don't wanna but do you take any anti anxiety meds, or have you in your life time?
Hmm well what about in specific cases were the heir transmitters aren't working properly and meds are the only proven way to fix the problems? And I forget if you said you saw a T. If not you should def look into one they are worth it. Your right it is better that it is more out there now and people are less shunned.
Yes I have tried T but I did not feel it helped for some people it does. I was doing ok until in March when my partner was out an intruder tried the back door and when the police came they thought someone had been watching my partner go out and we have noticed this neighbour hanging around his window all the time and I am just in panic mode incase it happens again...

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