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Posted by MissHannah , 01 April 2013 · 119 views

So yesterday I went to see my mum at hospital, she seems like she's doing ok considering. It's looking like she might be there a bit longer than we had thought. She seemed to be really pleased with her present and another patient commented on it.

I have rearranged when my friend comes up, it was going to be last night but I didn't feel up to it. Instead my boyfriend and I are haviing her and her boyfriend round the night before my birthday. We are going to have a movie night, order food and make some food and popcorn and things. I seen some really good ideas to make it look good so we are just just going to go for it. It will be nice to spend time with them too. That'll be saturday night, sunday is my birthday (21st of april) so I think my boyfriend and I will be spending it alone.

I decided to buy myself a present, haha I seen these really cool onsies on amazon and I'm going to buy myself one. I love big clothes and being all cosy :)/>.

Hope everyone is well, trying to keep this entry positive :)/>.

Awe Birthday coming up... Wonderful sweetie!!! Do you have any plans for the birthday since you may be alone? Maybe quiet dinner or something?

Cosy is comfy ;) You have the right idea. Makes me want to go buy some now LOL
I'm not sure what we are going to gong to do yet :D

Lol yep :) The ones I seen are made by a japanese company I think, they are so cool lol. SO many different animals and there are disney ones too haha. Why not sit at home dressed like a dragon lol. I swaer I'm getting younger hehe.
Your spirit is just beautiful. Just lovely.. I adore you precious :hug:

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