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Posted by britt124brat , 06 May 2013 · 161 views

I feel like I'm drowning under water...my relationship as of the moment is crumbling...I habe so much pain and anger inside of me....I can't take it anymore...I cancelled my first therapy appointment....no longer have the strength to go....I had it for a while....I knew I shoulda tried to fine a therapist sooner....I knew two months was to long and I'd chicken out....I'm a coward...worst part about it is in letting them win. Everyone who hurt me wins like usaull....Idn why I even try or bother anymore....I truly hate my life...I wish I was never born.

i am glad that you were born. dont give up. chickening out doesnt mean you cant try again. you are so strong to just be here. its dark now but it will get lighter again. look at how many of us are here. still fighting still trying every day.... to get up... live.... be loved. not letting them win.

you deserve happiness. you are not alone.

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