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Anyone published any of their writtings?

Posted by Kat12345 , 30 January 2013 · 123 views

Well I am 17 years old and am writing a story about my life. I want to get it done by the time I turn 18 and then get it published. So far its about 30 pages but it will be much longer when I am finished. If anyone has any publishing experience please give me your advice and thoughts. Whether its ways I can make my writing better or any tips that could improve my work please give me your thoughts. Also has anyone had any experience with getting something published? If any of you have and know of a good publishing company to go through please tell me or if there is one that you would not recommend I would like to know and if you can, for any one who has gotten something published would you kind of guide me through the steps of how that went from where you sent it, to how long it took, to how did the publishers respond, and how long it took for them to reply; or if it costs any money because at this point I can NOT afford to invest money into it. I would like to earn a profit from my work too. I mean that is NOT everything to me but it would help me a lot with the fact that I am moving out in 4 months.

I'll send you a pm :)
Yes, I've published my experience. I wrote my childhood sexual abuse into a fiction novel. I am a self-published author and have published five novels. Learning how to approach traditional publishing companies is a matter of finding a publisher that publishes the type and genre of book you have written. There are books that you can get such as Writer's Marketplace, that lists the various publishers, how to query your manuscript, etc. It's a just a process you need to teach yourself. Writer's Digest has a lot of friendly advice on how to get published.

I went the self-published route myself, which is a totally different ballgame. Just depends on what path you want to take. Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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