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Posted by MissHannah , 22 April 2013 · 219 views

So on Sunday it was my birthday, I had a really nice time. My boyfriend spoiled me, the presents he got me were so thoughtful. A few days ago he gave me one early, it's a big soft blanket and since having it I'm sleeping a lot better as things things like this really help me. I also got a box of things from Lush, it's called Shiny Happy People and has a lemon soap, a body butter and a Happy Hippie shower gel. It's all uplifting smells which is lovely :)/>. A few days ago we spoke about when I was little and I'd pick up ladybirds hehe so I got a teddy one :)/>. Some fudge made with clotted cream. A mug with a little cat in it "from the cat" :D/> and a lovely bracelet. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful :blush:/>

On Saturday we watched The Avengers and School of Rock, with popcorn and ice cream cones lol.

On Sunday we just had a lazy kind of day but the highlight was my boyfriend baking a lemon drizzle cake for my birthday. Complete with candles :)/>.

I'm blessed with a wonderful partner and I'm so grateful for him and all of this.

im glad you had a nice day, and that your boyfriend spoiled you with all those lovely things!

:) :metoyou:
I am so glad you had a splendid birthday. You deserve it and to celebrate day of your birth for the specialness of you. :metoyou:
Thank you so much :D

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