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The world according to Mr. Fake

Posted by bellachai , 23 May 2014 · 215 views

When my daughter works and her boyfriend is off he sometimes borrows the truck I drive.  Yesterday I had an appointment with my Hematologist doctor (which went fine BTW blood work was good) and when I got back home I cleaned out all the junk left in there that was not mine.  My daughter and her boyfriend are not good at putting things where they belong and just sort of leave things wherever. 
Paper I found was a receipt for a loan of $60.00 for the boyfriend from a pawn shop here in town.  It was dated the prior day.  I thought that was strange cuz he just got paid and so did my daughter.  I was not particularly interested in there wasting their  money irresponsibly.  I was interested in if he told my daughter he took out this loan.  I casually left the receipt on top of her purse.
When they were leaving for the store she looked at it, frowned, turned to him and said what it this?  He snatched up the receipt and crumpled it and said nothing and went outside.  She followed.  They were out there a long time.  So I got my answer.  I have told her a couple of months ago that I thought he was picking up his lying and deceitfulness again.  She did not agree with me and it was a fight I lost. 
I don't even understand the need for the lying cuz he lies about stuff that does not even matter which of course means in all likelihood he lies when it does matter.  Any money he has just burns a hole in his pocket and he spends on himself mostly and stupid stuff. 
I found opened mail on the floor here in the livingroom and it was a late notice on the internet bill.  Some game was more important than paying a bill on time.
Love is blind.  I see some changes in him that are for the better but deceitful and irresponsible behavior concerns me.  Wake up my daughter.

May 23 2014 03:12 PM



You handled that very well. Sitting with you.

May 24 2014 07:50 PM

I hope she hears your thoughts. And, it does sound like you handled this well.

Thank you all  (((hugs)))

May 26 2014 04:15 AM

Thinking of you, Bella. Another vote here that you did the right thing!

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