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<<<< again. i wish there'd been more time. *ED* *<<<<prior entries*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 03 October 2013 · 88 views

Right so to clarify/explain.

I wish there'd been more time today to. think about it having been 6 months since. the losing battle thingy. You know cause I was planning to go and write about it. I wish I'd had more time at Whole Foods.

where. I got a cupcake. yes, *a* cupcake. chocolate. they're really good. The guy's like 'anything else?' and I'm 'no they're really good' explaining that's *why* I wasn't getting 2.

I was eating it and I'm 'this is for living'. for making it this far. yes I had a few NDE's since this May and the 19th of last month I was. there, again. the losing battle thingy.

So I ate a cupcake to celebrate the fact that other than once I hadn't been that, er, 'medically fragile' in months. No that's actually really fitting. in fact.

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