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Wrong One

Posted by YoursTruly , 23 October 2012 · 106 views

So I think this Monday I finally had the breakdown that I had been trying to avoid, but feel at the same time. Once I stopped trying to control when and how it was going to happen, a chance trigger by my now ex-boyfriend's roommate would send me on a path of deep frustrated sorrow and anger from Monday night to today. For once I actually cried for myself and everything that I've been through and somewhat what I still have to endure through!

Some of you might not understand, but I would much sooner cry for somebody else before I cry for me. I could lose my leg in a tragic accident, but I would be crying for some unfortunate kid of adult that has to go an entire day with little or nothing to eat.

But you guys I am so tired. I am so damn tired. I am tired of all the sexual assaults, I am tired of all the verbal abuse, I am tired of all the judgments, of overworking, feeling under appreciated and feeling trapped within my own mind and body.

I am beyond threw with these negative feelings!!

Anyone out to hurt will find that they have found the wrong girl to mess with! Their window of opportunity to keep me down has passed. This is me walking away from anything that is unlike the happy and healthy vision of myself that I am working towards.

your not alone.

and your extremely strong.

Stay that way!!
Oh hun you deserve a good cry so cry for YOU ok it is ok let out the dam pain hugs

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