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In the right direction

Posted by MissHannah , 09 March 2013 · 117 views

On Thursday I had my 3rd appointment with A at home, she's really happy with the progress I'm making. The biggest difference I'm noticing is how I'm thinking. Before she arrived I was geting anxious because I wasn't ready yet but suddenly I started thinking it's just the adrenaline etc. That's a big help to me, a part in this is her educating me on everything. She explains all about anxiety what happens to your body and where. It's beginning to sink in I think. I'm managing to stick out the relaxation exercises, my heart is beating fast and I'm anxioius but I can go wait I know what's happening here. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm boasting I'm quite happy with this. It sounds small but to me it's huge steps :)/>

Not everything has been easy that's for certain. I'm dealing with alot of realisations about people. A helped me see some things clearly too. One being that even though I keep saying 'But I want her to act like my Mum' truth is, she is. That's who my Mum is and whilst I don't take that I am trying to change something that's out of my control. It's disapointing though you know? I'd like a a different realationship and past with my mum.

Over the last week or so things have changed more with my boyfriend. It has been emotional and hard but so worth it in the end. Again I'm opening up to him more, telling him things I thought I'd never tell anyone, not even therapists etc. It's so nice. I'm slowly at times finding it easier to believe he does want to be here and love me like he says.

Today we are spending the continuing to decorate our flat :)/>

Next Thursday I have my first trem group appointment I'm nervous but really excited too, I never thought I'd think this way. Pocket riders would be lovely if anyone anyone wants to jump in for support ?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in some way or another, all of you here are amazing people I have an imense amount of respect and thanks for you all :metoyou:/> :metoyou:/>

My concentration isn't great right now, I think I have corrected the spelling mistakes. I spelled want wan't a second ago so apologies for the the mess of it.

Wonderful to hear :)
Thanks susuanna :)

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