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Just smile

Posted by Clemsta , 20 July 2011 · 69 views

Just smile,
keep smiling for everyone else's benefit,
just smile even if you feel like screaming and tearing your hair out,
don't want them to know how deeply it hurts,
just smile and hold the mask in place,
they can't know that everyday is a struggle,
just smile and keep them believing your fine,
one day the smile will be real. One day...

Jul 20 2011 07:28 AM
WOW - Captured that feeling I have had for over 30 years. If I could just stop thinking about it and pretend everything is fine...I should be fine right??? Isn't that how it works. Kind of makes me sad that it is getting harder and harder to answer the simple question from everyone "How are you?". I used to be answer with a loud "I AM GREAT" no matter how I was feeling. Now after all the years...I can barely get out an "I am ok".

But I am hoping soon that: One day...
just believe the smile... hopefully then it will be real.
So true. Hiding the real you feels a lot easier than explaining why you struggle and explaining just who you are. Beautiful words, someday we will all have real smiles that aren't forced(:
i really hope so... more often then not it's forced... i'm hoping the real ones will over take the fake ones... with time...

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