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Posted by anabella , 28 September 2011 · 45 views

I always keep asking[i] myself wether i'm able to forgive him or not, and everytime i end up feeling sad coz i couldn't forgive him!! I wonder wether this's a normal feeling or not, i mean i want to forgive him, i tried so many times and couldn't..
How can i forgive him, he ruined my life! I don't know should i forgive him or not!
was it my fault? as he said! How could it be my fault i was only 5 years? :hugsplease:

no it was not your fault and dont let him tell you that, it was his fault not yours.
you where very young and did not understand as you do now..
i know how you feel just angry and confused, but everything will be ok you will see :) big massive hugs :D xoxox
thanks sandra , hope so :hug:

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