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Posted by tamjohn70 , 22 May 2013 · 64 views

I am feeling stuck right now. Don't know if I should go to the left or right. I am not going to reach out anymore to people. I am discovering that as much as the few who know about me say they want to be supportive or be there they really cannot handle it. I am not upset with them I just wish people would stop saying what is "politically correct" and just be honest. Do not volunteer what I never asked for.

To top it off I have been having thoughts of suicide again. This is crazy I am so tired and over it. No I am not going to hurt myself because I can't hurt my family again but I really do hate my life. I hate it, this is not how I want to live. I just don't understand. Should I not be blessed, I have a good family, job, house etc. but I just can seem to get peace.

My home is my peace but I at times feel I can't please my husband. My feelings were hurt when he told me I can be selfish, not think of others and talk a lot about myself. Who am I supposed to talk to about work or school or life changes? He tells me to come to him but he does not really want to hear it. Right now he is going through some work things that involve us paying a lawyer and till this is resolved. He feels his options are limited. So he is angry and bitter, it was not his fault but due someone's personal agenda he was blamed. That is all he talks about that situation, a few of his coworkers always calling or texting him. I can at times see the frustration but I try to tread carefully with him.

Safe hugs (if okay?), sitting with you.

Safe hugs (if okay?), sitting with you.:rainbow:/>

Hug accepted thank you. Safe hug back to you also.

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