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more on the lock changing door thing. *TW* 'i got your 6'

Posted by lilyvanilla , 17 September 2013 · 64 views

right. so like I went over in my last entry the next time I get my own place i'm changing the effin locks.

And here's why.

Well, see I keep everything [or at least I *did* before someone took it all away. my mom]. and this meant I kept my empty booze bottles in my room at my place. and so one day my dad who had a key to my place went up there and saw all the empty liquor bottles.

yeah um no that is not happening again. [yes I still drink just not as often]. if i'd known my dad was going to do that I would've been more prepared. so it's really my own damn fault for not being prepared enough. for that. of course there was always the off chance. that. that would happen.

ok but so here's the thing: since my friend was in fact *staying* w/ me I told my parents he'd drank. which ok he did. but only a few times at my place. no see I made them think he was the alcoholic and not me since I had to save my own a**. [though I suspect my parents already know]. and no i'm not proud of this.

hey. if they want to think my friend's a ef'd up schizo*****ic alc****ic. and not me. then be my f***n guest. no go right ahead. you can think whatever the h*** you want but s*** never happened. and no i'm not going to prove it to them since then i'd be opening myself up to them which no isn't happening. [no of course not esp. not after this. damn right I have a reason even more of one not to trust them]. he's the one who took the fall for me, so. regardless of whether or not he should've.

yeah that's what friends do. they have your 6 [military term].

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