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Just a cry for help.

Posted by ptsdthrowmeaway , 08 December 2012 · 140 views

I don't intend to wake up tomorrow.

I took my meds today. I spilled them while he was yelling at me. Oh, I took plenty.

I'm trying to slowly take the rest of the broprupion that I had decided not to take before. I'm slowly adding liquor, trying to make a good cocktail in my gut.

OD's never seem to work. That's why I'm trying to build it up throughout the day. Besides, it looks more accidental that way.

The truth is, I probably.will wake up in the morning. I probably won't end up in a hospital. It won't all just go awake.

So I hope I don't wake up, but I know I probably will. If I believed.in any god(s) I'd be praying right now

I can't say anything that will make you feel any better but please remeber your not alone here.

I am sorry you are so desperate. I understand. Please get yourself help if you can. People do care and there is help. I know how bad it gets. I know pain. PM me if you want...I am here. I am here if you want to talk.
i've had moments like this....times so bad i would SI, beg to god(s) to let me die...i'm still not doing good, i have high and low days....but i keep telling myself this- We are all here for a reason. All this bad stuff that happened to us, doesn't define who we are or what we do in life. We CAN move on, get better, and heal. If anyone wants to talk on FB or just on here, message me.

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