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When "Safe" turns into "Danger"

Posted by datweet , 20 May 2014 · 162 views

To protect myself from being hurt further, as well as an attempt to save my life, I took a trip to California.  I chose to stay with my guy friends.  One of whom i've known for many years.  Though i am enjoying myself, there have been triggers and trauma that has happened since my stay.  Tomorrow makes 2 weeks that i've been staying at their place in Sacramento.  The first few days of my arrival, their roommate was out of town.  When the roommate returned, things were okay.  It wasn't until a few days ago that we all went to do things together with some of their girlfriends.  The roommate became very close to me and I was totally opened to hanging out.  It was my friends' girlfriends that warned me about potential abuse and harm to me from this roommate.  When I approached my friends on it, they admitted to knowingly withholding such information from me thinking it wasn't a big deal.  How stupid can people get.  I was very upset at them, but also knew that I don't really have their support.  I am constantly being pursued by the roommate and have said "NO" on many occasions during my stay.  I thought to myself, "You escaped one unsafe situation to be safe, and find yourself in another unsafe situation where I am endangered and my safety has been breached".  What the hell?!! I'm wondering if i need to cut my trip shorter, but in a way, don't wanna do that too.  I hope to speak to my therapist tomorrow and get some of her advice to help me.  I should never have been put in this position....ever....who do my friends think they are?!  So dumb.....and yet, i know its not my fault...i didn't know them to be this way....but i'm learning fast.

Its been a little over one month into my stay and I'm planning to stay another month. Just today....my friend finally speaks to their roommate. Thank you jesus

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