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Need some advice

Posted by niki , 09 July 2011 · 24 views

I just got a letter in the mail form the college i will be attending this fall...it said i needed to take a sexual assault class and a responsible drinking class before the fall. Both of which would take 3 hours online...i understand the drinking one but i REALLY dont want to take the sexual assault one. I dont think im ready to read all the statistics or prevention things. I feel like it would just make me feel even more guilty or ashamed of what happened to me over a year ago....I dont know what to do? Should i just toughen up and take it( With the risk of having a flashback or just feeling terrible) or should I ask a friend to just take it for me...its not for a grade, more of an awareness thing....PLEASE HELP! Anyone else experience this??

Jul 09 2011 06:41 PM
I had a similar experience. I went to my Universities orientation yesterday. My new school just happens to be 5-10min away from where my attacker (ex-friend) lives. In it they started talking about rapes and assaults and the whole time I was just angry I didn't pick another school. It's too late for me to transfer but then I realized this wasn't my fault and I'm not going to let someone rule my life after they did something horrible to me.

My advice would be to sit back and really think about if you can or can't because only you know your limits but know that there is more to you than what some low-life did to you.
I have found that the truth, applied with discretion, sets me free. Would you feel comfortable contacting the instructor? I have told instructors that I am recovering from a sexual assault and am worried that the course might be triggering. Usually people who do those types of classes are there to help. I have asked if there are parts they think I could do or if they would mind if I take care of myself by walking around the back of the class or taking a short break. I ask if they have suggestions how I can take the class without getting overwhelmed. Sometimes contacting the coordinator who sent the letter can exempt you from the class with a letter from your T. You might find it helpful to take a friend to the class and write on the notebook; It was never my fault. I am taking back my power.
I hope you find a way that is helpful to you.
Thank you both so much for the support and helpful ideas! Im not sure what im going to do yet. but im having a better week and really feeling like i will be able to sit through the class. SkyAtNight i love the idea of writing down a little saying while in the course...hopefully it will help keep my mind from going to that "bad" place. janedoeissoconfused im so sorry you had such a hard time at your new school! Hoping that everything works out for you :)

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