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If you really Knew me....

Posted by Mingo , 11 December 2010 · 107 views

If you really knew me......

you would know that my paranoia is not so much based on facts as it is based on my lack of trust in human nature. I know I am not invincible and that people have threatened to k*ll a friend of mine. The bad guy was in jail because my friend did his job, the bad guy told his friend in a super secret language no one knows - called spanish .... to k*ll my friend. The friend and I have the same job, so I take all the lessons he taught me to heart.

If you really knew me.......

you would know that I have an excellent memory. I remember things from when I was younger than 3 years of age. I have what I call a 'semi-photographic' memory. I remember things I see.... very clearly. I have only one block: a time span of 3 years, starting when I was 4 ending when I was 7. I remember very little from that time.

If you really knew me......

you would know that I love books. I would ride my bike to the library and check out 10 or more books... only to ride back a week later to check out more because I had finished them. I ended up getting frustrated because by the time I was in 8th grade.. (3 years of library visits) I had read every book in the library. Minus the overly technical, boring or... 'how to' (something I did not need ..ie 'stop drinking') books. I literally collect books I buy them read them ... but can not get rid of them.

If you really knew me.....

you would know that one day when I was 8 or 9 I went to school with out underwear. I decided what was the point,... If I was going to get hurt I was going to get hurt. some one noticed and I had a meeting with my parents... who asked me why I did that. I said I did not have any clean. They either did not look in the drawer to see... or they did and never asked... but I did have some.

If you really knew me.....

you would know I believe in supernatural powers. I believe that I have predicted the future on 4 occasions. Each time I dreamed an event before it happened. the first time, I dreamed I was in a new house. I walked into an open room went left down a hall, then left again through another hall. on the left I opened a door to find the floor was covered in roaches. several months later we moved to Australia where we moved into a rental home... with the same format... I went exploring... to the left down the hall, left ... then left again.. to find a room covered in roaches.

The second time it happened, I saw a classmate of mine d*e. I saw the car that hit her. the following day in school I was told she was k*lled by a hit and run driver... the driver was never located. there were no witnesses... no 'real' witnesses.

Dec 12 2010 07:28 AM
Thanks for sharing.
that was interesting to read mingo. thanks for sharing.

the part about the underwear is very sad.
Thank you for sharing and being so honest.

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