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he gets it.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 23 June 2013 · 55 views

my boyfriend understands that letting my guard down and sharing my feelings makes me feel vulnerable, so he lets me do it at my own pace. he's never tried to rush me into anything. he was like that before he found out what happened, which is one of the many different things about him. tonight we actually talked about it, in depth, for the first time. i was surprised at how comfortable i was discussing it with him. but it feels like he makes me who i am. he's not trying to change me, he's bringing out a different side of me that i like better. i'm known for being a complete bitch with an attitude three times my size, but i personally prefer 'rough and the edges.' he sees past that, though. he sees the soft, sensitive, girly side that i've been constantly trying to repress. i'm so awkward during quiet little romantic moments. i just never expected to love him. i never expected to love anyone at all, let alone like this.

"i'm not sure how this 'love' thing works. i don't know what to do."
"you don't have to do anything. just accept it."

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