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Just my life..

Posted by MissHannah , 28 March 2013 · 122 views

I had nice time with my boyfriend yesterday, we ordered a pizza, watched brave but kept falling asleep so missed all of it but nevermind :). The friend I have coming up on Monday, we have been texting more and keeping touch which is great :D. I'm so hoping to meet up with my other friend, we are both nervous but hoping we can get out soon.

I found out my Mum is going in to hospital today for a few days, to have her medication monitered etc while they change it (anit depressants etc). Since I'll be at the same hospital today I said I'd go and see her, take a book she hasn't read and have a coffee with her. It's tough, I find her triggering at times but I'm learning how to avoid it, kind of :P. She isn't having much luck, found out she has diabetes too the other day :(. She seems to be doing ok and is comfortable about how to manage it.

Today I have my group, nervous as always. I know I'll be ok when I get there though, silly anxiety :).
I need to book a taxi and get in it too lol eek.

Tommorrow, my boyfriend and I are planning to spend the day cooking together, making a bannoffee pie, a yummy breakfast and dinner. I can't wait :). And we are planning on painting some eggs lol. :P

Can't think of anything else to say right now. Thank you to all of you who make smile everyday. :daisy:

Omg sounds like my life... AWESOME (throws balloons in the air)

Sorry to hear about your mom I do wish the best in her situation.

Get that camera and snap a picture of the cab. ;) A friend of mine is obsessed with taxi, she moved to NY. lol But she calls them her "bananna wagons" LOL I've found naming things fun names makes things easier sometimes.

It is so nice to hear couples and friends having fun!!!!! :yahoo:
Mar 28 2013 10:51 AM
sounding like the sun is shining on you atm Miss hannah !!

minus your mums situation , hope everything s'all good with her ! peacenlove her way aswell as yours !
Haha nevetuli that's cool :D

Thank you :)

Hehe that's a good idea actually lol. I ended up not being able to make it to the group but I enjoyed a break to be honest.

It is :D

Thank you for continuing support :metoyou: .

Caughtintherye - It does seem that way, I feel awful lucky :):)

Thank you so much for that I hope you are well
I just adore you! :hug: Awesome! (Smiles to you)
:hug: :hug: :blush: Thanks x

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