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The Psychology of Torture

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    By MelK

    Submitted Nov 07 2011 01:03 PM


Please be aware that this isn't written by a therapist or academic. The author seems to be a business entrepreneur with a patchy history and various interests including psychology and online journalism. Having said that, I found it well written and the sources he quotes seem to be sound (as far as I can tell).

It's inevitably difficult to read, because it's about the effects that torture has psychologically and - in a final, separate section - why people do it. But there are no graphic details.

This article helped me begin to face what happened to me. I could relate to some of what was said and felt I wasn't alone. It helped me understand my reactions, and to see that the shame wasn't mine but was inflicted on me the same way the pain was.

I also found it helpful that this article acknowledges non-political torture. I've found it hard to find any sources that move away from a view of torture as being practised by state or security forces, or of survivors being refugees.


Sep 22 2014 12:34 PM

A lot of this is pretty accurate to my experiences. It isn't common to find articles about torture - the kind of deliberate and calculated will-breaking in the survivor world as it is often assumed to be something that happens overseas/in prisons of conscience but not actually just in neighborhoods and across the street. Thank you for sharing. 

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