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    *****The pic on here is of me as a baby with my lovely aunt and uncle. I am now twenty-one years old.<br /><br /><br />I love boa constrictors! I am a a snake nut,  I also have a persian kitty who is gray and her name is Tiki.    <br /><br />I am a full time student at the university of Maine at Augusta and I am in the Bachelor's Program for Mental Health, Human Services so someday I can be an addiction and trauma therapist. Starting senior year in January of 06 Wohooooo!!...
  1. Thanks for answering. I do think it should be pinned. I would love a forum for it, but if it's not possible... you guys are all great anyhow. Lyndsay
  2. Hello, My name on this board is nomeansno and I am wondering if the mods would be willing to chat amongst themselves and discuss whether or not it would be okay to add a forum/subforum for those of us who are survivors of abuse perpetrated by a female. I know being female and a survivor is hard. However, it is harder for me and for some others that I know of who have survived abuse perpetrated by another woman. For some reason, it feels different to me. I am wondering if you could consider adding a forum or subforum for survivors of female-perpetrated abuse and if you could somehow let me know about it. I know you are all very busy and taking down the debates was a difficult and probably very contraversial task. I respect and appreciate your doing that. SO, I know that you have lives and that the tasks of the board have been busy too, but could you please consider this? I would very much appreciate your considering it even if the answer is no. I would understand if you can't for any reason, but would appreciate it if you could take the time to discuss it and think it over. Thank You, Lyndsay If you would like to PM me on the issue, my username here is nomeansno but that is already obvious by the post. (I sometimes overlook the obvious)
  3. wow, that is just ignorance. But my favorite is: "Are you sure you didn't misinterpret it" Like you can misinterpret someone torturing you, holding you captive for two weeks, and raping you. Yeah, I guess i just missed the meaning
  4. If you were: medicated asleep drunk/under the influence of drugs a child at the time (under 18) threatened by the abuser either by way of threatening physical retaliation or denial of a place to live etc protecting someone or something (a child, relative, friend, pet etc) You were not responsible for what happened. These are cases where someone in a position of power took that and abused it. **There are many other instances in which you were unable to give consent but these are a few. ***