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  1. Even if he doesn't get put in jail or in trouble, you have to remember that you have pointed him out of what he is. This is the first part of taking back your life. No madder what any one says it is not your fault! As a survivor myself I know what it feels like to be empty, like he killed everything you where. Don't hold anger in your heart because of what happened. In time you will start to feel again and not be so numb.
  2. understand

    I just moved back with my mom after five years of not seeing her. She gets mad at me because I don't like to talk to people around here. I don't have the heart to tell my mom what has happened to me. I don't even know how to start and try to explain what has happened. I have nightmares where I will scream out no stop please she ask me why and I can't even tell her. I don't understand why I just can't say it to her.
  3. ):

    turn that frown up side down!!!! It will get better just give it time!
  4. sometimes people just need to talk and for some reason she pick you. So the next time she is make you mad just node your head and tune her out.
  5. I'm very young and have know idea how hard it must be to keep it inside for so long. I do know that you have to tell someone, it is eating at you everyday. I can understand not wanting to answer all the question, that was my biggest fear. You feel so much better after you let it out and tell someone. Find someone you really trust and share what has happened to you.