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    Books, axolotls, studying human behaviour, Freudian theories, Albert Einstein's theories, penpals, epistolary writing, being a smartass and a freak - and, of course, using it to make people uncomfortable.
  1. Therapy. I'll be damned.

    Well, this'll teach me to stop being so full of prejudice againt therapists. The shrink experience didn't do me any good. She never believed me, and I was on pills to boot (Wellbutrin and Abilify), and all they did was make me feel sleepy and thirsty. After endless nagging from my mum about needing therapy or some counseling she made an appointment for me and told me "either go, or no book money". And I need/crave books and money to buy them. So yesterday night was my first session. She's a psychologist. She has a big fluffy cat with the cutest yellow eyes! And she was so sweet and understanding. She's ... like a your average sweet grandma, but younger. I don't know, maybe now I can really start to heal. I'm so sleepy right now. Hate Law Intro. homeworkrrrrrgh.
  2. School Rants

    It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm STILL doing that stupid Sociology paper. It's supposed to be teamwork and I'm the one that got stuck inside all weekend trying to fix their mistakes! I mean. Three people should tackle it in less than a day, right? a. One of them never even bothered to do his part of the work. b. The other sympathized with me ... and made this awful copy-paste work. Seriously, if you Google it up it'll come up in about other 10 sites as-is. c. And I finished my part at about 3AM Friday. Oh and this thing's due in ... less than ten hours. I want to cry.