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  1. what happened to me just happened 2 days ago. my huband tried to hold me to comfort me and it makes me literally sick to my stomach and i feel dirty in a way. I dont know if ill ever get over it. Im not in therapy and dont have insurance to do it anyways. The worst part is its my husbands brother and his wholef amily is calling me a liar. so now my husbands family and him are done with. why would anyone lie about somthing like this? I wish i wouldnt of said anything kept it a secret. i dont know anymore. im so confused and all i'v foudn on this site is ppl as messed up as me. i want solutions. i want support and i want to talk to someone about the details i havent talke to anyone about. why do i have to feel like im the one who's at fault? and since his brother is 17 and im 20 thev decided since im pressing charges they will to and say rape of a minor when i was the victim.