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  1. oh dear friend I could have written this myself. My husband decided to come home from rehab and has been home about an hour now. Everything he has said has been about me. I dont support him I dont trust him..Damn right I dont. I have not felt anything for a long time for him, but I am stuck. ick. Thank you for your reply.
  2. Awww hun. You are not being irrational. You are missing someone who provides comfort and safety to you and that connection isn't there right now and you are mad about it. That is ok. I am also greatful to Rainbow for helping you last night. Do not worry about how what you say affects other people..this is for YOU to get YOUR feelings out. They have a choice not to read it. I think your altars no you are struggling right now hun. I am here whenever you need me. Talk to ya soon.
  3. ((Jen)) Oh hun....THIS WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!! I know the guilt is hard to get rid of hun, but that is all on him. I don't care what you think you did to cause this or to make this happen...r*** IS NEVER your fault. Your past of self harm should not have anything to do with what happened and it is so unfair that they are trying to use that as an excuse for what he did. Is there any way to tell your parents about it before you go to court? This has to be so hard for you hun, but you are strong and you will get thru this. Don't let him, or anyone else, convince you that you should feel guilty or ashamed. Stay strong hun and I will pocket ride with you to court. If you ever need to talk...please don't hesitate to PM me. This is a great place to vent and to be supported during this time. Make a post in My Voice, if you haven't already, and you will have so many pocket riders you won't be able to fit all of us in your pocket. Take care and good luck hun.
  4. I had fun too are awesome!