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  1. I don't even think your mother is using the right word... what people are wanting (in each example that you gave) is just a normal amount of compassion - she seems to use the word "attention" to replace the word compassion to hide her own inability to be compassionate and replace it with a more judgemental and arbitrary word. I believe that some human beings have so little compassion for themselves and their own wounds that they are literally unable to give it to others - others pain just triggers a need to control. I am sorry that this is your mother and hope that your and your siblings do learn that it's not about you, and that this may never change. Luckily there are many other places to find compassion - which is so needed in this difficult world.
  2. i had insomnia for several months, on and off this year. this is the only thing that helped. i don't have any affiliation with this company or anything, i just literally was losing my life to insomnia, and this literally saved it. there's a ton of great information on the site... i hope that it helps someone here
  3. sure... an easy exercise is just 'introduce your inner child'.. people can put up pics of themselves, talk about what they were like, talk about how they feel when they look at that picture. if they make a connection they can dialogue with their inner child a little bit each day, like 15 minutes a day, in their journal or outloud talking to the picture. i'm sure monika has some good ideas too. fun!
  4. I have been wanting a forum where people can introduce and talk about themselves when they were young. For child sexual abuse survivors, doing this 'inner child' work is often crucial to healing. I'd love a place where people can post pictures, talk about the challenges of 'reparenting' themselves, talk about what's going on today with the child within them, get 'parenting' tips etc. I think it could be validating for these parts of us to have a place to be heard. Plus a lot of people have had questions about what inner child work is, and this could be a place for those of us who find it helpful to explain a bit. Just a thought.... thanks here's a good book for anyone looking for inner child tips from a survivor's perspective
  5. I love how the spirit and beauty of the people here shines through..even though we may never meet face to face. Your words, your images, your thoughts, your creativity and strength all come through. This place is a magical place of healing. As a writer, I actually prefer to be able to read the words (again and again) rather than hear them (I tend to get overloaded when people are talking to me and tune out). It is a warm, welcoming and amazing place that touches so many lives in so many miraculous ways that I'm sure we'll never even truly understand.