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    Im going to school for massage therapy and i graduate in may of 2008. Im in a amazing relationship with my wonderful girlfriend maria who i love with everything I got.
  1. What's going on with the whole section for secondary survivors??? My friend offbeat_Fellow said that they are taken it down??
  2. (((Hugs))) Thank you so much for giving that information. It helped alot
  3. Its alright, I always yell at my comp for disconnecting me or being stupid. Or if my house phone was in my room and i would be trying to sleep and ppl kept calling. I would pick up and tell them to go away no one cares. it was like every 5 mins someone would call.. I would hang up try to sleep and it would ring. SOmetimes if it does that i throw it out in the hallway and let it ring.. lol ??? :laugh: :