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  1. Just wanted to know if the online store is still available. I remember a link to hoodies, cups, journals etc... but can no longer find it. Thank you.
  2. I tried the HTML version and it works - Thank you!
  3. I have a full messenger box and wanted to use the 'archive messages' feature to get my old messages sent to my email account . so I tried by having the last 30 days archived and did get a message on my account but the attachment only contains one line and is otherwise blank. Any current issues with message archiving? Any other suggestions on what I can do to keep my PM/store them somewhere? Thank you, Beyond
  4. Thank you so so so much... My 1 yr anni comes up on monday and I have already gathered some strength from looking at the posts in this new thread.
  5. I have notice that members often post about the anniversary of their assault or assaults coming up and that these posts tend to be scattered and sometimes lost in the myvoice section... I wonder if MOD initiated thread for posting and support can help people know that on the anniversary (ies) of the assault or assaults they can go to that area and share what they feel is safe to share, get suggestions on how to make it through, be reminded that they have survived etc... People could add words, dates, numbers, stories, tips, or just say today is the ANNI and I'm sad, scared etc... knowing that others are or have gone through ANNIs too in their own way. Just a suggestion... Beyond
  6. I wanted to sign up for a subscription and choose the pay with money order option but didn't have a printer at the time. I logged in later to get the screen with the name and address to make the payment to but cannot find it. I would love to send my payment in. Will wait to hear from you, Beyond ps: I read the FAQ and didnt see anything on this topic