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  1. T today...I don't know wether I really want to go today. I'm scared. I have so much I need to tell her but if I open up...and then she leaves.. sorry. So many memories... I feel so lost :( 

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    2. Starlight


      I will be with you every minute holding your hand.  Sending comfort and peace  :hug:

    3. Qrious


      :hug:You only have to go as far as you feel able to. And your T is there to help you mend. In your pocket, hon

    4. rus


      I'm wishing for the best. do tell her if you're not able to go as deeply into things today as usual, if that would help somehow. pocketriding. I don't know if you've already have it or still have to go but Im hoping you get through it ok.

  2. LOve your new avatar :)

    1. OmegaWolf


      Thanks :thumbsup: I'm loving the new site!

  3. Very happy for you hunni, it's great that you are living life and still being safe. Credit to you
  4. Thank you.😊 Pandys is back....can't get over how relieved we are right now. 

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    2. Sarrettaa
    3. SolitaryJourney


      We are massively relieved too. It's been a scary few weeks. We'll get that support network running in no time. (((Hugs))).

    4. Sarrettaa


      Yes we will SJ, hope you're doing okay