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  1. Thanks Shannon, i will post later today, its really scary this is like the only thing left i havent shared at least a part of and thats mainly because i felt like it made me look crazy and that it might even be unbelievable. I love this place, where i can share everything i need in a safe place Really appreciate Pandys Luv Tania
  2. Hi Just have a question i dont know where to put something i want to get out, its never been told in 25 years its about nightmares i had as a teenager, i can now see connection between them and the abuse happening at the same time. I just dont know where to put it, its definetly triggery but its not real, it was only dreams that never happened, i want to get it out of my system but not sure if i can tell T's just yet so wondering if posting it will at least feel the release of the pent up pressure its causing me Thanks Tania
  3. I have had it happen too on odd occasion and I reset the modem and restart computer and it came right, it was like the internet went down midstream but only turned of bits of it. Tania
  4. What might have changed for me had i called any of the incidents rape at the time is i may not have been silent for so many years about it. Steph, i back this up 100%, i totally agree, it even shows in sentencing, the stranger rape sentences are tending to be much longer than the rapes by known persons. one wonders how long it will take the rest of society to wake up. Tania
  5. life sucks today

    its end of anni week 1 for the year and i feel drained, another argument with hubby earlier and my cold wont go away re hubby he wants everyone to fit in with him, but when asked for the reverse he says "well thats the only way i know how" (What a flamin' cop out!!!) everyone else has to adjust but not him...fed up......... Tania
  6. hmmm, yes well he just denies snoring if i say he does it, i once had him on video and it made no difference he is being a jerk

    My wake up this morning, was husband bleating at me about snoring, apparantly its got really bad over last few weeks but his reaction got me real upset, cause he was swearing at me about it and its ME thats sick with a cold and whatever is causing this is probably another medical problem etc.........so never mind me but the problem is i keep him awake!!! He said he might need to sleep on couch to get good sleep, i almost said feel free to do so!!!!
  8. Thanks foreverhurt, appreciate the welcome. At work now but will be updating blog later Tania
  9. First entry, time to talk

    Well since this is the month when i am reclaiming things and speaking out i decided to start my blog , i havent participated in this area of the board before, i was a bit scared it almost felt like if i used it, it was like putting my journal out for the world to see, but i guess i will still have my private one for the personal things, but wanted to start this to track my progress, celebrate the good days and release the tension on those days when the world feels like its beating me down...
  10. I have my very own panda bear!!! my daughter tried to give it away when cleaning out her room, i said no way so she gave it back to me, it was mine all through some of the nightmares of my past... i adore panda's :pandy: Tania
  11. Cute!! i love panda's i like this one....appropriate for Valentines
  12. Dark small spaces Lettuce (theirs the weird one) being snuck up on People behind my back where i cant see them People in my personal space (ie too close) Raised voices or yelling things being thrown around Cold walls
  13. I am glad you reposted it Jes, that is very empowering, it took me 11 years to say anything to anyone after my first experiences of being sexually assaulted. And the feelings of those close to me was not that good, only people i got understanding from was a support group from a self development course i did (where i first blurted it).... Thanks for posting this, and i agree with every word Kate
  14. I am only recently joined this site and i think you all do a wonderful job, it is enlightening to know i am not alone and that we have such caring people moderating the board to keep it safe as possible for all of us.... Thanks for a great job.... Kate