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  1. I was wondering this too? I hadn't heard back from a shannon pm, and it doesn't show up in my sent box either, along with another pm I sent to L13 a few days ago. Thanks for checking. Meg
  2. I was kind of wondering that too, thank you for clarifying. I was getting a bit of a manipulative 'please convince me to stay' feeling from some posts (but I think that's because I was on another survivor message board in the past that wasn't as well moderated as pandy's and people would post kind of 'pay attention to me' posts, and then 20 people would fall over each other to pay attention to that person. It affected the feel of that site very negatively. Anyway, thanks for clarifying. Meg
  3. Thanks! I wasn't sure what was in there, so I appreciate the summary! And I'm recovering from an ED, so I think I'll leave this forum to other pandyites Thanks! Meg
  4. Hi! I wanted to take a look at the body/fitness forum, but a screen came up waiting for a forum password? Is there a reason for that forum to be limited? Is there a way to get approval to use it? Thanks, Meg
  5. I'm pretty sure they also help franklin county residents too (I think that is the name of the area around greenfield, wendell, and etc) but I know that they work with NELCWIT in cases where Nelcwit's resources fit better. I don't have much experience with nelcwit, besides donating a ton of my 'survivor' kind of books there several years ago, but my previous therapist worked for them at one point, and they are a great organization too. WHen I lived up there I had no idea how unusual such a strong woman's center was, but now that I live in DC, boy do I miss the kind of resources I had at my fingertips in amherst!
  6. If you are in western MA, the Everywoman's center from UMass amherst offers amazing programs and counseling for women from the community, and NELCWIT in greefield is also a wonderful resource. When I was a student at UMass Amherst, the Everywoman's center literally saved my life with their free counseling. And I met my long term (INCREDIBLE) therapist through their free survivor support group 11 years ago. They also have a free phone hotline for rape survivors.
  7. Yes, several of the times that happened to me included a second teacher at my school (the music teacher who was a close friend of my elem teacher) and they included planning before hand. It's frightening to understand what it means to plan a crime. Something that bothers me is that there was a point where the music teacher knew what my 5th grade teacher was doing to me, and he could have told and saved me, but he didn't.
  8. Holding a lot of change in my hands, especially quarters, because my teacher used to give me spare change after he hurt me.