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  1. I have three main unhealthy coping mechanisms... First I put on a mask and pretend that everything is okay...even with my closest friends. I know that I will be supported when I talk to them but I feel like a burden so I avoid talking about how I am really feeling. Second I overanalyze everything. I overthink things to avoid actually dealing with them. Third I avoid getting close to people because I do not have faith in my own ability to decide who is trustworthy and who is not. I figure if I do not get close to anyone the issue of trust will not come up.
  2. So I am new to this and this is my first post. I am easing into this but as I read the comments others have received I could not help but remember some of the different comments I have gotten over the years. The first is from my best friend at the time - who is now not part of my life - she liked the guy and so dismissed everything I said and then told everyone we knew that I was a slut. Next a male friend of mine who when I first started trying to deal with my assault as opposed to repressing it 10 years after it happened initially said "you are so much more than that" and then a few months later "why don't you just go get laid?" VERY supportive! Then when I finally got up the nerve to try therapy a friend of mine who was also in therapy proceeded to tell me that what she was dealing with was worse than me when I got up the nerve to talk about how upset I had been after my first session. I have also had friends continue on as if I have not said anything - one would think that this is at least worthy of a reaction of some kind. I have come to realize that people have different reactions to being told about rape or sexual assault, but most don't know what to say and that explains a lot of the stupid comments or straight out ignoring. Although it does not make these comments and reactions eaiser to deal with to know that. I find that the stupid, hurtful comments seem to stay with me longer than the supportive ones.