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    I love listening to music, used to love writting, I love playing soccer and drawing,reading books and helping others
  1. this is me
  2. you have to leave him, he needs to respect you as his wife
  3. Well done dear for cutting him off now the healing can proceed, sends a hug to you
  4. That is exactly how I was feeling last night, I could not even ask someone to be with me. But I am sending a hug your way if thats okay with you.
  5. sending a hug to you if you do not mind
  6. I know how you feel been there but do not allow it to finish you off. But sitting with you if okay.
  7. I am so sorry and I can imagine how you are feeling right now. But it will get better with time. Sending a hug your way if you do not mind. As Sussana has said, keep reaching out
  8. also with you and sending a big hug your way if thats okay with you
  9. I agree with Susanna, I raely achieve all my goal. Setting goals when you are both down and feeling on top of things helps as you can determine what you can do when feeling down and feeling on top of things. I try to do most of things when I am feeling like a superwoman as I hardly get everything done when I am down.
  10. I also felt like that yesterday where I was just so SUPER ANGRY, I felt like I needed closure. But I became more angry as I realized that I will never get closure and this makes me MAD
  11. All we can do now is to take it one step at a time, that is taking things day by day. What is important is that you do not blame yourself for what happened and constantly reassuring yourself that it will all be okay someday. I t is easier saying that than doing it because at times I blame myself for not screaming but how was I going to do that as I had a gun on my head. It does not matter what people think because you are the one who is hurting inside and you are the one who has to deal with all these intense emotions. And amazingly people exxpect you to be over what happened,how I wish that was possible.We also have to be "normal"...........its just energy draining