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  1. Okay, I did confirm with a mod and it is not you, your password or your computer. An announcement will be made shortly of what is going on, hopefully that will answer your questions . Breanne
  2. Hey everyone let me look into this and figure out the problem. We are having some changes so hold tight and we will have an answer for you soon.
  3. Looks wonderful
  4. LMAO...yes katy that is you
  5. aawwww, ooohhh poor baby!!!! Is that a picture of her after you took the DP away? You will always be the hit at every pizza place, arcade etc. with all those quarters!!! Are you permanently in the south or are you moving back to NY this summer? I had a vest shirt thing that HM is wearing when I was a kid, did you knit it for her ?
  6. Sweet that is awesome. So I am taking you like it and it works? Thanks for sharing I was trying to figure it out for ever, but I did get the honey comb right Yay for lush!!!
  7. LMAO!!!! My friend said they say it like this "Youwantacoke?" She said she could not understand a damn word she said it was one big long word? SHe cracks me up with her stories I must admit I want to go to Tennesse but not in the humid heat, i prefer dry heat. Oh, my friend K.'s husband is from Tennesse born and raised and he is always fixen something. Me: Hey D. what are you doing? D. Not much fixen to go to the store in a minute. His wife made so much fun of him but now she catches herself saying fixen(well I point it out to her) SHe also makes him sweet tea. That shit is nasty!!!! I usually drink my tea unsweatened anyway, but that is just drinking flavored sugar. PUKE!!!!! I guess the east can laugh at us in Idaho because I was learnED that Coke, sprite, Pepsi is not pop it is soda. My whole life i would refer to is as pop, "What kind of pop do you want?" Well I stand corrected it is soda.
  8. Oh my gosh!! It says it right there right above the tracking!! Geeze I need to get glasses!! That is a pretty cool tool Nothing is perfect? Are you kidding? Damn this whole time I have been trying!! SHannon please explain your avatar HIWTK is? WHat is the picture of looks like a honey comb?
  9. That is freaken awesome!!!! THis board can do amazing things!!! So say if I wanted to how would I do it?
  10. Really? So i can send a pm track it and than decide i do not want them to read it so I can than go into the tracking section and take it back and it will be as if they never received it?
  11. She loook sooooo much like you!!! SHe is beautiful, does she look anything like S.? I have heard stories about cultures in America in fact I so want to travel. I have read Jonathan Kozol books and he has stories about public schools being worse then some third world countries. Those are the places I want to see, I want to travel to the bronx and stuff. I know call me crazy. I want to feel it, see it and try and understand the way of life I have never seen or been around. My friend moved to Tennesse and she said it was like going to a completely different country. My favorite story from there since I work at the Bucks is people call Grande Grandeeeeee so it sounds like, "I want a grandeee coffee with two splenders." Was wondering who put the "r" in splenda? It is a Tennesse thing because my g-ma says "warsh" instead of "wash" drives me mad. Oh, I think I love this blog thing, we get pictures more often!! keep them coming.
  12. I do not get migraines but aspertame would give me headaches!!! I use to drink diet coke all the time back 10 years ago, lol. Now I drink about 5 soda a year. Not a big soda fan anymore. Everytime I go through some obsessive health kick I end up kicking something new out of my diet, and coke has been it since i was 20. HM is so cute!!!! Amazing what children pick up these days. The three year old I babysit for now says, "mmm...this is delicious" when eating or drinking something he likes, learned that from me after asking him if is vanilla milk from the Bucks was delicious. The other night he said, "don't be ridiculous(wudiculos) when I told him it was bath time, that was not from me. How are her shoes? Walking in them yet?
  13. You know your MIL would hate me I RARELY make my bed!!! Who the fuck cares!!! We all saw pics of your house(the big ass bathroom i was insanely jealous of). Is it that hard to ask for toilet paper? Oh, and tissue's I do not keep tissues in the bathroom, call me crazy, cheap or lazy, but use the toilet paper. Tissue's are in the other part of the house. You had dishes drying in the dishrack? I am sorry, but she sounds like a nut job!! Comparing others to you and S. is so unfair. I hope all works out with where you are at. Cabin is very rustic, you are not exagerating there. Your a real trooper!!!
  14. WIRELESS ROCKS!! I love being able to go any where in my house the patio to my neighbors and have internet access You will love wireless!! I have had no regrets. I did not like quest because when something went wrong I had to wait a few days to get back online and miss work and it sucked to wait 4 days to get back online. With cableone wireless if you call before 3 they come out the same day after 3 they come out the next day!!! Now I have to love that a lot better. As far as bandwith I have know idea about that.
  15. yep!! Yay Shannon!! Still hard to adjust but glad she still is around. That is okay there was a computer glitch the other day and it turned me to a member, someone pointed it out and was all freaked out lol, not as much as i was Damn those computer glitches!!