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  1. I am an extremist

    Today I got told off as an extremist for saying that the phrase 'friend zoned' is horrible because it implies that being nice to a girl will get you sex. This was, of course a boy saying that. He tried to tell me you were out of the 'love zone' if you were in the 'friend zone' and it had nothing to do with sex. Really? So you can't love someone and be their friend? Assholes. In oher news. Today I am muuuuch more clear headed. A bit shakey but clear headed which is a vast improvement from yesterday. This comes just in time because I have a meeting with my boss today and he wants the first quarter of the month presented to him. I am good with that. A bit nervous as usual but that's nothing new.
  2. I just can't see what I do as dangerous and honestly? This is so cliché but I needed to feel I was 'here', you know? I felt so far away and in a haze that I was scared and wanted to feel 'here' in the real world. if you want it.
  3. S.I.

    Well... that happened. I wish I could say I even feel bad about it but honestly? It was the first time I could see things clearly in 3 days so. Nope. I am fine, not in danger but ugh I just feel so good right now.
  4. I know the feeling... the past 3 days have been hell for me because of exactly ehat you are describing.
  5. Can't concentrate

    I've been messing up at work for the last couple of days. Since the big flashback happened things just seem to be overwhelming. I try to smile at people, do the right thing but I fumble,l lose things, feel overwhelemed and I KNOW it's written all over my face I am not quite myself. I actually lost money today... Had to replace it. I want my brain to go back to working now.