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    am I the only one ?

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    north america
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    listening to music wide range here

    both brothers were DJ's

    I organized bands

    and special campus events


    history biographies nature
    science fiction
    watching movies
    community activist
    arm chair travel

    I am on a medical leave of absence
  1. medical leave of absence

  2. hey all

  3. hops into pocket and reads blog tgc
  4. same here and it was fine yesterday
  5. welcome back
  6. hi your blog was in the public forum over the weekend
  7. I wish that the police would follow me instead of my stalker to be continued
  8. While trying to describe an assault to a crisis line counsellor: You're the best...... You're lucky CONFUSED !!!!!
  9. from counsellor of the day when I was talking about a partner pressuring me into sex I was told to tell the person don't rev the engine, if you don't want to drive the car wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the assaults continued
  10. from a crisis line worker when I tried to describe an assault cool your gonads ! wtf !
  11. Keep sending them here. There is a special container big enough to hold them all safely
  12. I was sorry to hear about your dad's death. It is ok to cry that is the grief Try writing about your dad and how you felt when you were told both about his cancer and his death
  13. this may be a yahoo internet problem... i tried the "My Friends" at the top of the board an error report has been sent to my server and everything got shut down and i had to re run pandys this is happening outside pandys as well danu
  14. SHANNON some other members got similar emails and were quite upset in chat about the emails
  15. lol no i got mine just now almost 90 minutes later i hope it had happy adventures in internet land HOWEVER for some unknown reasons all my notifications from Pandy's went to bulk after weeks of happily being delivered to my inbox. I discovered them a while ago