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  1. Thank you so much for this thread. I was assaulted at a friend's house and after, a lot of the people who knew him told me I could have stopped him, that it wasn't assault, that he thought I "wanted it", I could have stopped him if I tried harder, ect. Those people still hang out with him and I wonder if they actually believed me about what happened if they'd still talk to him. I was assaulted a few months ago but I'm ready to reach out now and try to heal. The bottom line is that no one deserves to be touched if they do not want to be and it's horrible that our society doesn't see it like that.
  2. - rectangular fluorescent lights - people touching or breathing on my neck (especially the back or left side) - cuddling in beds - blankets being pulled over my head - people touching my left hip - going to my friend's house where it happened - seeing pictures of him - sexual assault in movies - skylights I guess most of them aren't that weird, I dunno, but some days it's hard to take the train because of the lights.