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    I'm a spychology student, so yes I like what I'm studing. (For the moment I'm taking a time off because I'm getting sick again and I need to rest and have a easy time with my life or is not going to be easy for me to get through all this again).<br />I'm a seconday survivor, so if you ever need to talk or just someone who listen what's on your mind, please let me know).<br />I have two brothers and one little sister.<br />I'm a writer (just finished my first book and I'm writing the second one).<br />I love all kinds of music.<br />I won't deny it... I'm Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fan.<br />I love to read (I spend most of the day readind and the night, I have insomnia so I read a lot).<br />I'm a good listener.
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