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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I find it so hard. In my head, I can barely understand these emotions rushing around in my mind, so describing them is a nightmare. When anyone asks me how I feel, I go into automatic "I'm fine" mode. The only way to describe it for me is to compare it to the story of the Hare and the Tortoise(you know, the one where they race). The Hare represents my head, and the tortoise represents my heart. For the first 6 months after the attack, the Hare raced and went straight to my 'emotions lightswitch'. The hare turned it off immediately and I was emotionally detached for 6 months. But over those 6 months, the tortoise slowly caught up, and by the time 6 months had come, he had joined the hare by the switch, and turned it back on. They begin to argue over the switch, on, off, on, off,... Flicking it like a small child would when they are trying to be annoying (I know I did!) This of courses messes up the system, and causes the fuse to blow, which leaves them both with nothing. And they are left in the dark. Numb, cold, nothingness. This is how I feel. A massive surge of emotions being turned on and off until they cancel each other out and leave me with nothing at all.