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  1. When forced to do something against your will is not your fault. Your T is right. He is also right when he said that he would have probably hurt your sister worse. That is how the use of power is used to inflict pain on innocent people. No matter what happened between you and your sister it was never your fault in what went on. I know that some day you will understand this and let the blame and shame you carry go. The power of those that control us runs deep. Not your fault then. Not your fault now. Never will be your fault. THE FAULT WILL ALWAYS BE ON HIM. Sitting with you and thinking about you Tre!!!!! Hugs and love, Waves
  2. Tre, I am sorry you feel so sad and hurting. Please know you are heard here and not alone here. I am here and I know others are here too for you. Please tread gingerly and know I am here to listen and help catch you if you fall. Thinking about you My Dear Friend. Hugs and love you! Waves
  3. Tre, You are not nothing, you are wonderful and amazing. I am proud to call you friend. I am sorry you are struggling and so tired. I wish I could take it away and have you feeling better. Sitting with you and holding your hand. Love you my Wonderful Friend!!! Waves
  4. Hey Tre, I know you can't take time off, but when you get home from work just rest, drink plenty of fluids and keep warm. Sending you tons of hugs and well wishes for you to feel better. Hugs and love to you my dear friend! Waves
  5. Yes Tre, it will change. I don't know when it will be a complete change, but over time it will feel less daunting and in your face. Your T is right, you are doing well. You are getting stronger. The other shoe might drop, but you are more able to handle the circumstances now and you have more support now. I am here to help you when and if that happens. You are NOT alone! Here with you Tre, Waves
  6. Tre, Keep writing...keep writing...keep writing. Don't ever stop writing. Don't ever stop reaching out. You are not alone here no matter how ofter you visit or how much support you give. That is not what Pandy's is about. Pandy's is a supportive forum, you don't have to give in order to get. You give what you can and you will give when you can, but right now you need the support and I am here to offer it. Depression is so hard. It is consuming at times, but it doesn't mean that you have to give in to the depression. There are always people here to listen when you need to talk. I am here to listen. You are a wonderful friend to me and I want to offer you the support you need and deserve. Thinking about you Sweetie. I am here. Waves
  7. I am sorry that the lady in the restaurant was rude and staring. It is wrong and no one should do it, but unfortunately it happens all the time. Mothers just have the habit of saying things that can cut to the core sometimes. It hurts. I get that from my mom too. When I had surgery in 2009, after when I was shopping at Wal-Mart I would use a riding cart because I had no stamina at all. I got those looks. It hurt, but I began to just ignore them as much as I could. Bella, you are wonderful, don't ever forget that. You are needed and cherished here by your friends, myself included. Sitting with you! Waves
  8. Tre, You will feel that balm one day. I can't tell you when,but you will feel it. Till then I am with you and you can lean on me to rest. We all long for that quiet in our minds and hearts. Together we will get it. Take good care of yourself my dear friend! Safest of safe hugs, Waves
  9. I hear you and I hope you know how important you are to them. You are not a mistake. You take the ones that are not as advanced and help them catch up. That is IMPORTANT and YOU are important. In a dog eat dog world I am sorry to say that there really isn't much giving praise anymore, but you are amazing at what you do and you do a FANTASTIC job. Sitting with you in your cave and listening to the waves with you. Nothing more calming. Hope things settle soon. ((((((Theresa)))))) Take care dear friend! Waves
  10. You have to have a way to vent about Mr. Fake. So let it all out here and then don't burden your mind afterwards. I love Pandy's for that. I can say anything I want and it is safe and people understand. Here with you and for you in support. Take care of your precious self Bella! Waves
  11. Hi Tre, I am sorry you haven't felt well again. Hugs! You ask why you try so hard, in my opinion you try so hard because you are conscientious. You care about how you do your job, you care about what happens there. You are fighting because that is what you do. It is not all for naught though. I am sorry that things are so hard right now. Hang in there, you are doing great!!!! Here in support and care, Waves
  12. I am so sorry your so called friend did this. That was nice of her to bring you some food, but the way she did it was just absolutely terrible. So very rude. I am sorry that this happened on Mother's Day. What a way to ruin your day. I hope that you are ok now. Thinking about you! Waves
  13. You are here and I am here for you. Here to listen, here to support, here to offer friendship, here to give you a shoulder to lean on, here to just be with you. Thinking about you!