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  1. why now

    Ok I just need to get this out I'm broken tonight my always suportive husband decided to ask for a divorce I don't understand why and specialy why now I have just gone for my first sesion with a T
  2. Down in te dumbs

    Today I feel awfull well rather since Thursday I feel this way. Had a panick attack Thursday evening and since the I feel numb and scared the whole time. I decided to find a T but because it's a long weekend nobody's available so now I'm hoping I will be able to still want to find one on Thueday and not be to scared. :scared:/> Yes the thought of going to see a T scares the hell out off me but I don't want to feel this way any more so I must do something. I hate what he has made me. :down:/>
  3. Hi I had almost the same experience. We were talking about black Friday (wear black to show support against rape) and the statistics of rape. My supervisor said weel why does it not happen to any of us if the statistics is high. I couldn't believe said that. Yes she doesn't know but how can anybody joke about this. :hug:/> if ok