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  1. I think it's wise to document stuff as it happens, like you have. It's wrong their lack of support of you. I really hope you get this part-time teaching one. This year has to be better then the last. Love, Janice ( will be waiting to here what happens.... )
  2. GO PANDY'S!!!!!!!!!!! WHOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Survivors Of The World UNITE!!!!!!! Love, Janice
  3. It's getting so close to your wedding!!!!!! I'm very happy for you!!!!! Congrats!!!! Janice
  4. You are like home to me, dawn. And you have left a mark on me for life, a wonderful, inspiring, happy, tremendous, intelligent, challenging, mark! I know that's not what you were saying about in your poem, but, it's how it spoke to me, if okay. Love you so much! You make my life worthwhile! And a thank-you for that, btw. hee hee Janice
  5. Love, Janice
  6. A great, big "HELLO" out to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a question about responding to posts on pandy's by using my new cell phone. The phone allows me access to pandy's and allows me to read posts. But, I can't REPLY to them OR get into CHAT. It's a Sanyo Katana Sprint PCS Vision. Do I need to download Java or something else to be able to text my replies and new topics and stuff? THANK-YOU A MILLION TIMES A MILLION for any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, J
  7. Thank goodness for that guest list!!!! And for 20/20. And most of all for Shannon!!!!!!! Just think..... had you never taken these steps(or even lived to be able to) soooooooooooooooooooooo, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of us wouldn't be here at pandys, speaking up for the first time, healing, journeying, even surviving and very much more. A huge THANKS to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janice
  8. Go SMILEYS!!!!!! Go SMILEYS!!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ALL THE SMILEYS!!!!!! Hooray!!!!! More fun for chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janice
  9. Those are great fun!!!! Thanks Shannon!!!!! Janice
  10. The under the chair smiley is great!!!!! I think I'll join him there!!! Janice
  11. No, nothing in mind, just SCARED!!!! TY for considering it! Janice
  12. Hi. We need a really scared smiley face. I think it'd come in handy, especially for those posting in relationship violence. Janice
  13. This is a test of the pandys smiley faces.......this is only a test.......... Hope that worked!!!!((((((((itsme))))))))) Janice p.s. I've often wondered on what is the exact amount of emoticons we can post for each post???
  14. Little question I have...how come sometimes when I log in I can see the whole days posts and other times I can only see the most 3 recent posts? I have to go and click "this week"'s posts, just to see todays(each time). Hope that was discernable. Janice
  15. Pandy Candy!!!! Princess Pandy! President Pandy! Duchess Pandite! Duke of Pandora! Captain Pandothian! Colonel Panders! Sargeant Pandoras! LT. Pandorama! Private Pandy! Janice