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  1. More thoughts: Currently I am studying and I an good studying lots to avoid other life issues. I arrive at church late and leave straight afterwards to avoid the crowds.m I have not been to a large shopping centre for over 3 months. I have dropped out of extra study because of fear. I ignore the phone or use texting to communicate with friends because then I can hide my real feelings easier. I say no a lot more than I like to admit. Yep, at the moment life is about study and avoiding other people for fear that they may notice I an not coping
  2. I avoid being by myself in large crowds. I avoid/sabotage chances of intimacy with hubby I used to hide within my role of being a busy mum, but that is naturally changing because our boys are gaining their independence quite quickly. I reject invitations I use the internet too much, waste too much time - tell people I am studying When I was managing to walk I would listen MP3 player because then I was distracted and could ignore other walkers - currently I struggle to even walk outside my gate by myself I choose to shop in small supermarket at the time others are picking up kids from school, or other quiet times. SI - scratching arms until just before they bleed Not eating, and sometimes binge eating and feeling guilty - not to the point of vomitting, but only because I couldn't physically do it... Yes, I have tried. That's enough for now. I have more and may post them later.