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  1. This is my first post. First of all, while I am so sad for all the pain of betrayal, but I also find some relief knowing now that I'm not the only one. My father molested me since before I remember. So I have always thought of him as a bad guy. My mother on the other hand was such a great mom. She was so loving and kind and fun. In fact one of the reasons I never told was to protect her. Well she found out when I was 22 ( my sister disclosed the abuse to a counselor). At first she was full of rage and hatred calling him the scum of the earth. And it felt so good! Then just two or three months later while I was home on vacation, she had to leave to bring him dinner. WHAT?!!! And since then, she has continued her marriage with him. She says the most fucked up things sometimes. One of my "faves" is - ( in response to my saying I don't really care if he ever goes to jail, if at least he was a registered sex offender) "if he was registered, it would be do hard for him to find work and whee would he live?" really, mom? As much as being molested for years was damaging, my moms betrayal hurts so much more.