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    Like the butterfly, I'm working on changing.

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    Puzzles, reading, my dog, fishing, watching tv, working on healing myself.
  1. It's ok, do what you need to do for you! We will wait for when you have the time to come on here, that is perfectly ok with me. I think I called your dog a he, sorry, oops. Anyhow, the video of him is adorable. I love it. Thanks for putting it up.
  2. Without Pandy's, I would of given up, not been ok mentally, and my children would not have their mother to count on, I would not be strong for my trial, and most of all not realized there is life beyond this abuse. I'm so honored and grateful to have Pandy's. :yahoo:
  3. I have learned that when you are awaiting trial, or alone going through the worse things in your life alone, there is a magical spot, that when you have a very dark night of the soul, at any moment of the day or night, where you can't bear the pain and trauma anymore, and feel like you can't handle things anymore, there is a much better place (in my opinion) than a crisis line until you can see your counselor. A magical spot where you are not alone, not judged, and can meet earth angels (as I call them) where you soon realize that supporting them, brings an amazing strength to you, and in return gives you the courage to fight for yourself, for them. A place that doesn't ask you for money, (although once using this wonderful site, it became a big priority to me to keep it running for other people) because I have seen the difference it makes in my own life. I have learned I am not alone, there is no rejection here, and enough support, and family to last you a life time. I am sooo grateful to have this site. I'm a new person here, but you feel like you have been here for years, so comfortable (it happens so fast). Thank you to my earth angel family Pandora's Aquarium. 0:) 0:) 0:) 0:) 0:) 0:) 0:) 0:) 0:)