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  1. Thanks Shannon I appreciate the clarification!
  2. Hello: I am not wanting to cause drama, or any arguement via this post, It is just simply to get a consistant answer. A few months back I could have sworn that the mods had put up a post, saying that there were to be no more "Good bye posts" As alot of people that posted these types of posts, did not leave anyways, and it made others on Pandy's feel guilt, and upset because of the "abandonment issues" Lately I have noticed several good bye posts and am wondering if this rule has changed? I know that members are going to disagree with me, but the good bye posts trigger me for some reason... I don't want to sound cold or callus, because certainly everyone deserves to be able to say good bye. But if people say it, and they don't actually follow through it makes it difficult to trust the next person posting the good bye message.. It also triggers me when members post goodbyes. Because for some, it comes across as they are wanting other members to beg them to stay, and sometimes survivors are not doing well to try and convince another member to stay, when they themselves are struggling. Please don't take this the wrong way. Just wnated to get clarification from the mods, on what there stance is now.
  3. Also alot of survivors have probles with ANY sort of change, whether it be small, or big. It is just a process we all have to work through. Change for alot of us can be very difficult, until we readjust. Just be good to yourselves through the process. Mods, I do appreciate all the hard work you have been doing. Way to go!
  4. Thanks Shannon. BTW I got the bracelet!
  5. How can i update my email address?? I just changed my email and don't have access to my old account. Please let me know! Thanks Lynn Ladybass
  6. Shannon have you recieved my pm's. I am not sure if it is just me but I have been having problems with this feature.
  7. I know that I need a med adjustment. I am waiting until my Dr. gets in the office on Wednesday. I have not been able to sleep well for the last couple of weeks. Hopefully she changes or up's my meds. Ladybass
  8. Hello: My name is Lynn. I just signed up for these boards. But all I see is the public boards. What do I need to do to see ALL the boards?? I would also like to chat. My username is ladybass. I am a survivor of abuse. Can you help me with these questions? Thanks