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    When I was younger I always could shut off my emotions for people because of what had happened to me.I was always so full of anger,hatred and rage and in all honesty I think that in some ways it helped me to forget about the abuse.My life has always kind of been up and down and relationships were just something I was never good at.I kept my abuse hidden from everyone from age 8 until I was 13 and I was threatened by my abusers to not tell or they would hurt my family.On the day that I told my mom she broke down and asked me why I hadn't told her and she gave me 2 choices we could either put me in counseling or contact law enforcement. I chose counseling and decided not to go through the court process due to me being afraid. I had something happen to me today and I have never felt the urge to just grab someone else's child because I knew that they were afraid too. I cant go into detail but I was at a place that deals with this kind of stuff and there was a boy there today who was getting ready to talk to law enforcement.I was sitting in the room with he and his parents and he was terrified he was crying and sobbing and was talking about how afraid he was to talk about what had happened to him and it took me back to a place in myself,but it wasn't a place of weakness it was strength.I wanted to take that boy and just look him in the face and tell him that he doesn't have to be afraid anymore and hug him.I wanted to tell his parents that they are doing the right thing and if they need a supporter I would be there.They are not alone.Where I live there are no abuse support groups for parents and they have so much child abuse cases in this county.Where is the support for the parents? I understand that these things are very touchy and it is a sensitive area to talk about,some people may not even want to share which is okay.I felt compelled to say something today but sadly I did not know how and I just don't want anyone to feel as alone as I did when it happened to me.Yeah my mom gave me a choice but all those years of not talking is why I have gained strength through the situation that I have had to go through recently.No kid should ever feel alone in any of this and I pray that he gets the help he needs to overcome this.