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  1. Can't say thank you enough for this thread. I plan to expand on my story here at some point... This thread means a lot to me. I can relate A LOT to the things people are saying here Questioning what's "real" Misdiagnosis Frustration Thank you very much.
  2. Although it's manifested itself in several, several ways.... HIDING Emotionally, avoidance, coming up with "explanations", refusal, pushing others away... Although it's done wonders in getting me this far, it's probably also my most troublesome coping mechanism as well. It's time to start shedding the layers, one step at a time.
  3. Someone said something very similar to me once. Something about how what they did would haunt them for the rest of their lives. First thought was "screw you for caring, for even thinking, about how they feel." Second thought was "if the guilt drives them to suicide then, yeah, that might give me a bit of comfort." Mine while not as severe.... (after opening up) "imagine how your mom must feel" (referring to the guilt she is experiencing) To the person: Again, I get what you're after...but...really? People are so great with words sometimes.
  4. After opening up to a friend... {paraphrase] "Look at Oprah, you can start moving on & start over..." How many people agree that it's really more of the manner in which the comment is nonchalantly thrown out as opposed to the actual words used? (A realization I just came across)